learn microsoft office from linkedin

Microsoft Office offering Training courses from LinkedIn Learning

Learn microsoft office from LinkedIn. Microsoft became partner with LinkedIn to offer free training courses.

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office 365 project time reporter app

Office 365 Project Time Reporter for iOS

Office 365 project time reporter app is now available for iOS. Will be available for Android and Windows very soon.

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Outlook support google drive and facebook photos

Outlook.com started supporting Google Drive and Facebook Photos attachment

Now add your google drive files and facebook photos as attachment in Outlook.com

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new improved outlook calendar

Outlook Introduced new and improved Calendar on iOS and Android

Outlook team has introduced new and improved calendar app for both iOS and Android.

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adwords editor supports universal app campaigns

Adwords Editor Updated: Now supports, Universal app campaigns, Gmail ad templates

Adwords Editor latest version supports universal app campaigns, Gmail ad templates and much more.

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null quality score october 10

Changes to Quality Score Reporting in Adwords from October 10, 2016

Google Adwords has delayed its Null quality score reporting change for one month. Now the new date is October 10, 2016.

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more time expanded text ads

Expended Text Ads got more time for Testing: New Deadline 31 January, 2017

The new deadline to make the transition to expanded text ads is now January 31, 2017.

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Bing intelligent autocomplete

Bing Brought Intelligent Autocomplete for Academic and Movie Search

Bing has done significant improvement in its intelligent autocomplete feature. Particularly in movie and academic search.

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Adwords Quality Scores

Changes in Quality Score Reporting in Google Adwords

New keywords will be given null ("--") quality score from 12 September 2016.

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snapdeal gold

Snapdeal Gold in response of Amazon Prime

Snapdeal Gold promises free delivery always with extended purchase protection.

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Flipkart Freedom Sale

Flipkart Freedom Sale 10-12th August 2016

Flipkart Freedom Sale. From August 10 to August 12 2016. Don't miss heavy discount on hundreds of products.

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events from facebook app

Facebook launched Events from Facebook App

Facebook has Introduced Events From Facebook app for iPhone users in the US.

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buy & sell facebook marketplace

Facebook introduced Marketplace: Now buy & sell with local community

Facebook lunched Marketplace. Now buy & sell items in your community.

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facebook messenger lite

Facebook lunched Facebook messenger Lite for slow Internet Connection

Facebook has introduced a lighter version of its Messenger App for Android devices, Messenger Lite.

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google allo android ios

Google Allo, New smart messaging App

Meet Google Allo, a new smart messaging app for mobile. Available for Android and iOS devices.

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Instant video on messanger

Facebook Messenger Introduces Instant Video

Facebook has added a new feature in his messaging app for mobile devices messenger. Instant Video.

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google calendar events on google maps

Google Calendar Events now on Google Map

Easily access your Google Calendar events on Google Maps. From now on Android users around the world could see their Google Calendar Events on Google Maps.

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google for india

5 big announcements from Google for India

Google announced several new products, platforms and access programs in an event, Google for India, in national capital Delhi on its 18th Birthday.

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chrome for android got faster & better

Chrome just got Faster and better on Every Phone and Network

Now do more on web on mobile. Chrome for Android just got faster and better with data saver, downloading and customized content features.

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wordpress 4.6.1 security release

WordPress 4.6.1 – Addressing Security and Maintenance Issue

WordPress 4.6.1 is now available for download. This is a security release for all old versions.

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pokemon go windows 10

Pokemon Go for Windows - Unofficial version by a Passionate Developer

Now play Pokemo Go on your windows 10 devices. Unofficially available.

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pwc india and microsoft india strategic alliance

PwC India and Microsoft India come together to empower India's Digital Transformation

PwC India and Microsoft India joined their hands to will help industry harness some of the core competencies of both companies.

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google art and culture app

Visit UK’s Significant Political Buildings with Google Arts and Culture App

Now anyone can visit UK's important buildings from anywhere with Google arts and culture app.

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google transparency

Google refreshes Transparency Report for copyrights removal

Google refreshed transparency report for copyrights removals requests.

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fast google chrome

Google Chrome is now More Faster and Battery Saver ever

Google chrome is now faster and battery saver than ever. More payment friendly for android device.

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iPhone 7 launching

iPhone 7 Launching on 7th September

Apple is releasing iPhone 7 on 7th September.

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