Chrome just got Faster and better on Every Phone and Network

chrome for android got faster & better

What is more painful than listening to a boring lecture? Obviously slow internet speed. Especially on mobile devices and when you are paying high for data packs. Slow 2G connection and high data cost usually prevent people from enjoying the web at its fullest.

In an attempt to enable people to make most out of the web, Google Chrome team has added new features on Chrome for Android. Data saver setting, download, and personalized content are crafted to help you do more on mobile web, despite what phone or network you have.

Data saver setting in Chrome for Android save your data by compressing the images and text you load. Save up to 60% of data on your mobile without compromising the content of the web page. Google has now brought the data saving feature in Video too. Save up to 67% of your data when viewing MP4 format videos through Chrome.

A new downloading feature has been added in Chrome to make user keep using Chrome even when you are not connected to the internet. Next time when you visit a web page, music, picture, video, document file that you like, you can save it for later viewing or accessing by just tapping the download button. And just throw away your worry about restarting the download in case you lose internet connection in midway. Chrome will automatically resume the download when you got the network connectivity. You can access all your downloaded content within the browser without any internet connection.

One more thing which is Chrome doing great is offering customized content as per user behavior on Chrome. You will be able to easily discover fresh content just for you in the next release of Chrome for Android. All these content come from smart suggestions. The more you use chrome, the more it will learn what kind of content you prefer. By that way, you will always have something interesting on your Chrome browser.