Skip the Sevens: Motorola’s Campaign for Moto Z, Targeting iPhone 7 users

Skip the sevens - moto z

Motorola has launched a new campaign, Skip the Sevens, to promote its upcoming flagship device Moto Z. Needless to say that they are telling through the Ad’s tagline that iPhone 7 is skipping worthy in terms of advance technology and better performance. And if we go through the early verdicts, it seems the admirers of iPhone are not very satisfied with the recently launched company’s flagship mobile. And Moto Z has all the reason to think something else than iPhone. Something better and really superior in terms of technology.

See how the iPhone lovers in the video change their mind to Moto Z and Moto Mod after came to know the amazing features of Moto Z.

There is also a very compelling image ad for the promotion which Lenovo released in a press release along with the Video ad. Here is the press release