Cardboard Camera now available on iOS: Capture and Share VR Photos

capture vr photos with cardboard camera

Tired of flat photos or selfies? Enhance your photography experience with Cardboard Camera. Give a shot to the latest photo trend, VR (Virtual Reality). With the cardboard camera app, you can capture 3D 360 degree virtual reality photos. This app is now available on both iOS and Android platform.

VR photos are three-dimensional panoramas that can take your back right to the moment. Close things look close and far things look far in VR photos. Moreover, you can look around to explore the image in all directions and also hear the sound recorded while you took the photo. The process of capturing a VR photo is similar to taking panorama shot. Hold your phone vertically, tap record and turn around as though you’re taking a panorama.

Now you can share your VR photos with your dear ones on both android and iPhone devices. All you need to do is select multiple photos to create a virtual photo album, tap the share icon, and cardboard camera will automatically generate a link that can be emailed or messaged. Your friends and family can relive those moments life if they were there with a VR viewer.