google calendar events on google maps

Google Calendar Events now on Google Map

Easily access your Google Calendar events on Google Maps. From now on Android users around the world could see their Google Calendar Events on Google Maps.

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google for india

5 big announcements from Google for India

Google announced several new products, platforms and access programs in an event, Google for India, in national capital Delhi on its 18th Birthday.

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chrome for android got faster & better

Chrome just got Faster and better on Every Phone and Network

Now do more on web on mobile. Chrome for Android just got faster and better with data saver, downloading and customized content features.

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wordpress 4.6.1 security release

WordPress 4.6.1 – Addressing Security and Maintenance Issue

WordPress 4.6.1 is now available for download. This is a security release for all old versions.

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pokemon go windows 10

Pokemon Go for Windows - Unofficial version by a Passionate Developer

Now play Pokemo Go on your windows 10 devices. Unofficially available.

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android nougat 7.0 nexus device

Android Nougat 7.0 now available for Nexus devices

Android nougat 7.0 is now available for Nexus devices. New version has more than 250 exciting features.

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WordPress 4.6 Pepper

WordPress 4.6 Pepper available for download

WordPress 4.6 Pepper is now available for download and update.

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Data Analytics in Sports - Microsoft

Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Sports by Microsoft

Microsoft introduces Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Sports.

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WordPress 4.6 Second Release Candidate Now Available

The second release candidate for WordPress 4.6 is now available.

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google chrome block flash content

No More Flash Content on Google Chrome from Next Month

Google Chrome will block flash content from September.

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