Google Calendar Events now on Google Map

google calendar events on google maps

In a latest venture, Google Maps team joins hand with Google Calendar team to make it hustle-free to get where you need to go. Now Android users around the world could see their Google Calendar Events on Google Maps. No matter where you are heading to. Driving to a movie show or getting street direction to a wedding function. Quickly and easily access your events directly from the map.

To see your events on Google Maps, make sure to enter the address in the “Where” box while creating an event on Google Calendar. The next time you open Google Maps, you will see your Google Calendar Events right there on the map. Remember you need to be signed into both Google Calendar and Google Maps with the same account to see your Google Calendar Events on Google Maps.

You will see one more extra tab on Google Maps with this update. “Upcoming” tab will show you a list of your upcoming events. It is located under “My Places”. You will also have the power to hide an event on Google Maps. Simply tap on the event and then tap “Dismiss” to hide the event on the map.