Pokemon Go for Windows - Unofficial version by a Passionate Developer

pokemon go windows 10

This is great news for gamers on Windows devices. Now they can play the most popular and addictive game of current time Pokemon Go on their Windows 10 devices. It has give name “PoGo-UWP” in which UWP stands for “Universal Windows Platform”. That means you can rub this app on any Windows 10 device. Be it mobile or PC. However it is an unofficial app and therefore it is not available on Windows Store.

Just like the amazing success of Pokemon Go, there is an amazing story too behind the development of this game for Windows 10. Stefano Tenuta, the man behind PoGo-UWP, started this project to prove that Microsoft was wrong on its decision on rejecting him because of lack of passion. Microsoft had rejected his job application saying that he was not showing enough passion for the job. So he decided to prove them wrong and he eventually proved them wrong

Reference: Business Insider