Adwords Editor Updated: Now supports, Universal app campaigns, Gmail ad templates

adwords editor supports universal app campaigns

The preference is Mobile. And one needs tools that could help you build mobile-first experience at scale as an advertiser. So here is the Adwords Editor to assist you and what a co-incidence. It is just in time for the holidays. The Recent release of Adwords Editor (11.6) includes support for universal app campaigns, Gmail ad templates and much more.

Universal app campaigns

Universal app campaign is not only about app installation. Developers and Marketers know it very well. It is about delivering valuable actions within your apps. From Now on, Adwords Editor will support universal app campaigns (UAC), which help you find most valuable customers based on your defined business goal. Reach to valuable users for your app across Google search, Play, YouTube and within apps and mobile websites on the Display Network.

Gmail ad templates

Gmail ads is a good way to reach to 1B+ Gmail users around the world. Now you can create, manage and edit Gmail ads as Adwords Editor is now supporting Gmail image templates and single promotion templates.

Expanded text ads

Just in case you forgot, Adwords Editor also support expanded text ads. Expanded text ads provide more ad space so you can showcase extra details and offers about your products or services.


  1. Device bid adjustments
  2. Enhancement to advanced search
  3. Schedule downloads

Source: Adwords Blog