Google Chrome is now More Faster and Battery Saver ever

fast google chrome

Google chrome released a new version last week. The new version has performance improvements and a new payment feature. As a matter of fact, chrome has seen double-digit improvement in speed and battery life since last year. Now things can be done faster than ever in chrome.

Google chrome is now 15 percent faster on both desktop and android. It is tested on browser benchmark app Speedometer. One more good news along with speed improvement is low battery consumption. Chrome now uses less battery for sites that people visit the most. In Mac, now chrome uses 33 percent less power for everything from videos and images to simple page scrolling.

Apart from speed and battery life, the latest version of chrome has one more thing to get things done faster. They have added fast, seamless payments to chrome on android. One can check out with as little as a single tap while shopping online.

Source: Chrome Blog