Outlook.com started supporting Google Drive and Facebook Photos attachment

Outlook support google drive and facebook photos

Outlook has done a lot of hard work in recent years in sharing and editing files in cloud storage directly from the mailbox. Outlook announced support for Box and Dropbox in Outlook.com earlier this year. Not to forget that Outlook mobile apps already support Box, Dropbox and Google Drive too.

Now outlook has added 3 more augmentations in outlook.com:

  1. Add files from Google Drive in Outlook.com
  2. Share Facebook photos from Outlook
  3. Easily find files and photos buried in long mail conversation
Outlook has finally brought the Google Drive file attachment support to its web version. It is already available on both iOS and Android. It is quick and easy to add Google Drive file in your attachment. Start a new mail and then click on attachment icon. Then select Google Drive and enter your login credentials. On being added, your Google Drive appears as a source while attaching files.

One more useful thing Outlook has introduced along with Google Drive support is editing Google Drive files within the Outlook. Outlook used to open the file in a new tab in past.

You can attach your Facebook photos in Outlook mail attachment the same way you attach your Google Drive Files. Click on the attachment icon while sending a message, choose Facebook and enter your credentials. On successful connection, you will be able to browse and upload your Facebook photos as attachment. You will see your Facebook photos just like you see them on Facebook.

It is really hard to find an important attachment in a long mail conversation. One has to go to each reply. But only till now. Outlook has made it trouble-free to find an attachment in a mail conversation. From now on you will see an attachment icon on each thread. Click on it and a drop down list of all the attachments in that thread will open. Now select the file you are looking for and open it. That’s really very helpful and time saving.