Bing Brought Intelligent Autocomplete for Academic and Movie Search

Bing intelligent autocomplete

Now searching about academic i.e papers and author and movie i.e director, the actor of a particular movie on bing would be more handy. Bing has done significant improvement in its intelligent autocomplete feature. Now the bing search engine helps you in finding your query related with academic and movie search.

In past, bing shipped autocomplete, which helps complete queries, and PageZero, which provides instant answers as you type. This time Bing team has shipped a couple of features that build on that technology and experience. 

With the integration of technology built by Microsoft’s Technology and Research team (TNR) and the Bing semantic graph, these features allow the user to construct highly structured queries exposing Bing’s deep understanding of particular topic areas.

User can explore many scenarios in the academic search. For example:

  • Find all papers by author
  • Find a paper written by all co-authors
  • Find a paper about a specific topic presented at a conference
  • Suggest titles or authors
Users are now allowed to find movies much more easily on bing. All credits go to the second enhancement of the intelligent autocomplete. 

Now user can formulate these kinds of queries:

  • Movies by director
  • Movies starring an actor in a particular genre
  • Movies from a particular year starring  a certain actor
  • Movies starring a pair of actors
Source: Bing Blog