Expended Text Ads got more time for Testing: New Deadline 31 January, 2017

more time expanded text ads

Google Adwords introduced Expanded Text Ads earlier this year. The purpose of this new text ad format is to help advertisers in providing more information about their products and services right in the search ad. Since then many advertisers have been used to it and seeing great improvement in results. However, some are still in learning process and trying to understand how to use the new format effectively.

In order to make every advertiser familiar with expanded text ads, Google Adwords has decided to give more time to the advertisers to upgrade their ad copy text with expanded text ads.

The new deadline to make the transition to expanded text ads is now January 31, 2017. Previously it was October 26, 2016. Advertisers on Google Adwords will not be able to create or edit standard text ads from 31 January 2017. You will be only able to create and edit text ads using the expanded text ads format. However existing standard text ads will continue to serve alongside with expanded text ads.

Source: Adwords Blog