Outlook Introduced new and improved Calendar on iOS and Android

new improved outlook calendar

Committed to providing the best calendar app, Outlook team has introduced new and improved calendar app for both iOS and Android. Whether you’re planning for a movie show or participating in a general awareness meet, Outlook is sure that the new features of Calendar App will not enhance your overall experience, but also help you manage and make the most of the day.

Here are some of the new features of Calendar App. Hope you will find them helpful.

1. Interesting Calendar: Interesting Calendar allows you to subscribe your hometown sports team’s calendar and see the events automatically pop up in your calendar. Now it is less likely to miss your favorite team in action. TV Shows will be added in some time. Interesting calendar is available for iOS users with an office 365 email address as for now. Android users will get it very soon.

2. Event Icons: Next time when you create an event for a coffee meeting, you will see a coffee/cup/tea icon in your agenda view. The keywords automatically trigger an icon that matches your event title. Here coffee is the event title. 

3. Maps in Event Details: Now you can add a map in your event details. It would be helpful if you are creating an event for an appointment and don’t want to lose the route in midway. Just type the location in the event, choose one of the handy suggestions (powered by Bing) and Outlook will include a map with your event details.