Rio 2016 Olympics game Twitter data

twitter olympics data

August has been a wonderful month for sports lovers all around the world. People cheered up for their players in Rio 2016 Olympics games through whatever resources they have. Many people took twitter to engage with the games. And now, after the end of Olympics games, twitter has come with Rio 2016 data.

According to twitter, 187 million tweets were made about the games and they received 75 billion impressions on it. Neymer scores on game winning penalty kicks was the most tweeted moment during the games. Neymer bought gold to Brazil with this goal. Usain bolt wins in 100 meter final was the second most. 

Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt and Neymer were the top 3 mentioned athletes during the 2016 Olympics games while Swimming, Football/Soccer and Track & Field (Athletics) were the most talk about events on twitter.

Reference: Twitter Blog