Full Google Cast now in Google Chrome

google chrome cast

Google cast, an extension of chrome that allows users to show content from websites on other displaying devices such as Television using Chromecast, is now fully available in Google chrome.

Since the launch of Chromecast, Google has been working to make casting better and delightful experience. For that, they launched highly sophisticated and advance devices like Chromecast Audio. To make it available to more people they even became partner with manufacturers to make cast-enabled TVs and Speakers.

But Google did not stop at it and continued to making it more accessible. And now Google Cast is built fully into Chrome, and anyone can cast without having to install or configure anything. All you need for that is latest version of Google chrome. After that you will see a cast icon when you are on the same networks as a cast device for the websites which are integrated with cast. Few clicks and you can see your content on your TV or listen to music on your speakers. 

For non-integrated websites with Cast, select the “cast” menu item from Chrome menu to cast it on your TV display. And you can now cast to even more places — including sharing with participants on a video call in Google Hangouts and on the recently launched Cast for Education.