Innovations in Search Ads got a big push

Search ad innovations

Our dependency on technology has never been so high than the current time. And it has greatly affected people expectations on search engines too. People nowadays are more likely to see more relevant results for their queries. Successful advertisers in adwords understand very well their potential consumers’ requirement and left no stone unturned to convert any micro-moment into sale/business. Google has built products like remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) and customer match, based on their deep understanding of intent and context to help advertisers be more relevant and be there in micro-moments. Have a look at insight into these ad innovations.

Better RLSA

RLSA helps you to reach to the people who have recently visited your website. You can adjust your search ads, bids, and keywords based on their past activity on your website. Now RLSA just got some improvements which will give you more flexibility and help drive better performances.

  1. Cross devices reach: Now you can reach to your website visitors with relevant ads across devices. For example, if someone visits your website on laptop or desktop, you can show them your ads on their mobile too.
  2. 540 days membership: Now you can keep membership duration up to 540 days. It is quite helpful for business with seasonality or high consideration products.
  3. Remarketing list at Campaign level: You will be capable of adding remarketing lists at the campaign level later this year.
Customer match promises Results

Your high-value customers across Google search, YouTube and Gmail are always in your reach with
Customer Match Moreover, it is a good practice to use Customer match and RLSA in combination to see better performance of your campaigns and ads.

Search Ads got Demographic bidding

Demographics for search ads (DFSA) has started rolling out to all advertisers globally. Now you can set bids for ages and genders with DFSA. Moreover, you can exclude them just like display network. 

Words from Advertisers

Wine Enthusiast, a retailer for all things wine, combined RLSA with Customer Match and saw a 3-time increase in ROI compared to search campaigns that used keyword targeting alone.”

“With DFSA, we can concentrate our marketing dollars on the audiences most important to us. By employing bid modifiers for women ages 25 to 44, we saw CPA decreases of 25% in our campaigns compared to normal search.” — Ya-Yung Cheng, Sr. Director of Digital Marketing & CRM at Sylvan Learning.