Portable Application- Meaning And How To Use It

portable apps

Portable Applications

Portable applications are programs that can run on computer without even installing them on PC. These applications also known as standalone applications. These applications can be stored on any type of media like Hard Disk, Usb Drive, and CD-DVD etc.

The name portable is picked up by Latin word “Portus” which means “Carry”, so portable means being able to carry. In this case data or software is the entities, which are carried by from one system to other.  Like any other applications, portable applications also must be compatible with system configurations such as hardware and operating system.

Some portable applications also need configuration files to run on system. If no configuration information is required in such case these applications can be run from read-only medium such as CD & DVD. All the temporary files and settings should be removed from the system as soon as the program is exited.