Cloud Computing - A Concept of Future Technology

Cloud computing

Cloud Computing

In the later days, when we need to done some work on computer, we either work on application or on internet. But from quite some time a new method is being used by a variety of users for different tasks & applications. It’s called Cloud Computing or Cloud Applications. So what are Cloud Applications? As we know, that the computer software developed to help user to perform a specific set of tasks are called “Applications”. “Cloud” is a metaphor what used for Internet. As the above lines indicate, “Cloud Applications” are applications that work partially on the desktop applications & partially on the web. Some of the most popular cloud applications are Google, OneDrive, and Dropbox etc.

Cloud applications provide fast UI & responsiveness & they don’t even needs to permanently reside in the device. A cloud application doesn’t always need to be installed on the device. A Cloud application can be used by anyone with a web browser along with the internet connection.

One great feature of the cloud app, which needs to be installed on the device, is they can work in offline mode. In such applications, partial data is stored locally in the device for the offline use & the cloud data is updated easily whenever required and application is online.

Cloud computing is becoming the business standards as the helps business users can access their data from anywhere, whenever they need. It’s feasible for business as its costs down on the hardware. Cloud computing offers security for the business data against the loss or theft and malware attacks.

The future of the cloud computing is really promising as the cloud companies focusing the mobile users. As Users & businesses wants to work without any restriction and without compromising their data security.